ATA Carnet customs document 

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document which permits goods to be exported for a maximum period of one year duty-free and tax-free to countries which have acceded to the Agreement. An extension of the ATA Carnet may be granted if necessary. You are advised to check this with the Chamber of Commerce. 

The abbreviation ATA (Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission) indicates that this is a temporary export of goods.

On an ATA Carnet you can carry 

  • commercial samples, 
  • professional equipment and 
  • goods for presentation or use at trade fairs, shows, exhibitions, or similar events. 

Examples include computers, tools, filmmaking gear, musical instruments, machines, jewellery, clothing, medical devices and works of art. The ATA Carnet cannot be used when goods are exported for processing or repair, or when goods are exported which are consumed during the journey or distributed to customers. 

The Chambers of Commerce in each of the countries that have joined the Convention issue ATA Carnets and form a chain to guarantee customs duties. The Finland Chamber of Commerce is responsible for customs duties on goods exported or imported with Carnets. 

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