We offer services for you and your company for self-regulation, accelerating international trade, gaining qualifications, networking and rewarding. Check out the versatile service offerings of the Finland Chamber of Commerce on this page.

The international dimension and trade: We advocate, accelerate and network

We promote international trade and investment by influencing national and international regulation and self-regulation. We want to strengthen an open economy, rules-based free trade, healthy competition and create a more level playing field for businesses.

We speed up companies’ trade processes with documents issued by Chambers of Commerce, such as Certificates of Origin and ATA Carnet customs documents. We also serve companies in practical business-related issues.

We link up internationalizing companies in Finland and around the world through bilateral Chambers of Commerce, trade associations, the Finncham network and Team Finland partners. We also provide market information, partner and expert contacts and other internationalization services.

Self-regulation of companies: solutions for business needs

The Finland Chamber of Commerce promotes self-regulation in the business community in many ways. Self-regulation is objective, knowledgeable, flexible and pragmatic and offers cost-effective solutions for business needs. The Finland Chamber of Commerce offers the following self-regulation services:

Our qualifications: Qualifications and examinations

The Finland Chamber of Commerce is a reliable and respected organizer of qualifications. Every year, we organise an LKV estate agent and LVV rental apartment broker examination, real estate assessor’s AKA and KHK examinations, and an HTT examination, which is a prerequisite for acting as a goods inspector.

Current events: seminars and training

The Finland Chamber of Commerce organizes influencer and stakeholder events and seminars on topical themes such as taxation, international trade and self-regulation in the business community. The Finland Chamber of Commerce implements mentoring programmes and seminars for managers, which accelerate experts’ career development and familiarize them with discussions within society, decision-making and current phenomena. Check out the schedule of events and sign up!

Medals of Merit: Say thank you for your commitment to work

Since 1929, the Finland Chamber of Commerce’s Medal of Merit has been a valued and time-honoured way of rewarding employees. With a Medal of Merit, you can reward employees for good work or long careers.